Celebrating The First Decade of ART JAKARTA 2018

Since the first initiation in 2009, Art Jakarta has developed and established its mark as the most prominent art fair in the country and regional. 2018 is an important year for Art Jakarta because it will be the 10th implementation. As the first and foremost art fair in Indonesia, Art Jakarta comes as the answer for local artists' needs to support the development of Indonesia's art. Art Jakarta develops to be everyone's belonging, from artists, galleries, collectors, to art enthusiasts.

A giant installation by Indieguerillas, Me and My Monkey Mind, 2017 in the middle of Mall Atrium

In 2017's event, Art Jakarta was attended by over 47,000 visitors with nearly 80% of sold artworks in four days of the event.

In this tenth implementation, Art Jakarta will come with many interesting presentations and give a new dimension in Indonesia's art. The supports of MRA Media as the organizer of Art Jakarta under MRA Group's ownership which making lifestyle as its core business, are the important point in Art Jakarta's implementation. With a 360 degree media publication, Art Jakarta has succeeded in reaching a proud achievement, combining conventional art markets as a part of lifestyle. It is shown from the artists's enthusiasm which increasing each year, from the participant to visitor section.

For the 2018's event, Art Jakarta will also present many interesting programs in collaboration with some local and
international partners in a creative way such as art activities in a mall, creative art performances, special projects with artists, creative art talk and also workshop classes. Art Creative Area will also be the important part in presenting lifestyle products in an art theme. All of these will support and make Art Jakarta as a melting pot and presentation of Indonesia's diversity in art with a lifestyle touch.

Naufal Abshar, High-End Dreams, Courtesy of Art Porters Gallery at Art Jakarta 2017

The full participation and support from partners from formal and informal sector will also be the significant advantage from Art Jakarta's implementation. For example, the government's support which opens opportunities to young artists to present their works and become the important part for Art Jakarta. The promotion support also gives a big boost for the event's success.

Opening by the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Djarot Saiful Hidayat

Art Jakarta 2018 which will be held on August 2 to 5, will return at a premium location that has become the official venue since its first initiation, The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place. The selection of this location becomes very important because it is located in the center of business area and the heart of Jakarta. Pacific Place is Jakarta's premium shopping center which becomes the home of international popular brands, and guarantees the presence of Art Jakarta's potential visitors. It is also the best option with a great habits and cultures, where the citizens are communal societies that make malls as a part of their lifestyle.

Art Jakarta 2017 Ambiance

Promotion and publication

MRA Media as the organizer of Art Jakarta, is a business group which focuses on lifestyle and has a wide range of publication media, from digital, radio, to magazines that give a maximum publication for Art Jakarta as well as for the participants and artists.

The support from other conventional and regional digital media also makes Art Jakarta's promotion and publication even greater. Partnerships with many media has been implemented since the beginning and keep developing in presenting a more established promotion for the success of Art Jakarta.

We gladly open opportunities to local and international galleries to be the part of Art Jakarta 2018's success. Let us make Art Jakarta as the place to interact and promote for artists, best works and galleries with Indonesia's promising art markets. Don't miss this chance and be the important part in the 10 year celebration of Art Jakarta.

Special Project by Ronald Apriyan

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