RUCI Art Space - Place Of Belonging

RUCI Art Space presents Place of Belonging, exhibiting three artists Glenda Sutardy (Japan), Abenk Alter (Jakarta) and Mark Schdroski (Hong Kong). The opening reception will be held on 8 December 2017 from 7pm – 11pm, and will be opened for public from 9 December 2017 until 28 January 2018 on Ruci Art Space in Jl. Suryo No. 49, Kebayoran Baru.

Each artist showcases the utilization of paint that best suit their intention. Their medium act as a vehicle to comprehend fragments of information that are consciously and subconsciously absorbed. The environment in which the artists live harbors the potential of creativity and act as a spring of inspiration. Each will have subject of interest keen for further exploration whether it’s to challenge or question a social norm, or it is to investigate their place in the context to the environment so to have a better understanding of themselves and the existing reality. The three artists in this show, Glenda Sutardy, Abenk Alter and Mark Schdroski, response to the second view with the understanding that a Place of Belonging, does not only constitute the notion of the physical environment but also a state of belonging. Where their identity are reinforced through the act of painting.

Glenda’s grid series is composed of layers of Japanese natural pigments, nihonga, built up in various binders, creating a translucency that solidifies into compact pigmentation. Droplets of calcium carbonate applied to the stringed grids are ordered in the matrix. Whereby the accumulation of each dot depicts a delicate continuum of moments that emerge and escape, imprinting a sort of memory thread waiting for certain awareness to be awakened in the viewer. Each work then becomes a story from within her and from a connection to the universal grid which encompasses time from every direction.

Abenk Alter intentionally chooses to work with a four color range, yellow, red, green and blue. These colors signify the manifestation of the vibration present within all matter. Abenk’s work dances between the conscious and the unconscious state, he subsequently fills the spaces between the charcoaled fast lines with precise blocks of color, before enclosing the canvas with his characters which detail cues of earthly deeds and struggles. It is amidst these magical places where realities are distorted and potentials are manifested, that he finds harmony. Abenk’s art plays a vital role in allowing the creative energies he harbors within to be freed thus leading him to a place of belonging, a centered point.

Mark settled in Hong Kong fifteen years ago where he found a studio and quietly continued his painting practice. As an incomer who is foreign to the local language, Mark finds himself in a place of unfamiliar excitement. The brilliant light of Hong Kong’s street signs, the murmurs of the crowd and the somewhat cryptic local scene present an obscure landscape, which in turn informs Mark Schdroski paintings. His observations of the daily life are abstracted into non representational shapes, which focuses on form and the relationship to the striking color dynamic of the city. Exploring the chromatic potential of oil paint through placement of bold opaque paint Mark slows down his stroke. The motion help instills a sense of silence in the process allowing him to focus on infusing a sense of joy in his work. This unfamiliarity in each of the artist’s circumstances is key to recognizing our own placement in our setting. The scape in which the unknown
exist allows for an open interpretation by the viewer of the works presented. We hope that amongst the colors and the shape the audience too can find their place of belonging.

RUCI’s participation in the art community is to cultivate the rising awareness of art in Indonesia’s evolving diverse culture. Ruci aims to be a platform creator between artists and public by providing a space to experiment, develop, and transform ideas into representative symbols and objects. By realizing its objections, RUCI participates in contributing to our cultural identity that represents today’s generation.

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